On humankind

People unite on a cultural basis first, and only then on the economic and political ones.

On printing on the Amalfi paper

I printed the first photo by using this method in 1979. After the idea of printing photographs on the Amalfi paper came to my mind, I spent relatively long time working on the composition of the emulsion that will be able to fix images on that paper.

After printing, I decorate the pictures by hand without using Photoshop. So, my work is a synthesis of photographing and fine art. I don’t use special lightening equipment even if I have to wait for desired photo angle and lightening conditions for several hours.

On differences between the classic and digital photographing

I think the process of printing a photograph is a pure magic. Imagine the sacrament – you are in a dark room, working there with solemnity, and filling yourself involved in special creative process. And this is just incredible. All these give a photographic shot a distinctive charm which digital shots don’t have, because they come into being mechanically. Those images are ice-cold and have no soul…

On Chekhov and Russia (from a letter to Russian friends)

Every January I’m happy… to celebrate the anniversary of Antonio’s birth. Yes, this is how I call Anton Chekhov, your Russian genius.

… I’m happy to always have Russia in my heart, Russian art, Chekhov’s drama, which is so close for me to drama of our genius Eduardo de Filippo.

I see our future in friendship and intercommunion, in cooperation and love, but not in controversies and conflicts. Art and creativity make people closer and united… Happy birthday, great Antonio!

On the nature and ecology

I’m thinking a lot that mankind, having intellect and creative initiative, often destroys rather than builds or improves what it has. We are just consumers, wellaway. We have no respect to forest, animals, birds, to nature in general. Until we understand that we are just piece of this world, we will suffer.

On the artist role in the modern world

We, the artists, must bring to people the idea of love to nature and animals, will must teach people to respect the natural environment we have. The nature is my Muse, I’m bringing this through my art showing people the nature beauty and greatness, without human intervention.

Bringing people together and perception of important eternal values can help the world. And we, the artists, must do our best to help people understand that the natural environment is our life, we are unattainable apart from it!

On his own art

My art is a dialog which purpose is to message people about ideas of humanism, ecology, human values, history, world literature through artworks.

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