We — Enzo Rosamilia, an Italian photographer and artist, and his team working on this site — created this page to explain what data our site collects and how long it stores them.

We don’t collect personal data of our visitors specially. However, we could receive some information, namely:

1. Data that you specified in requests or messages

When you fill a request form, or when you send a message to us from the “Contacts” page, the text that you specified in the page, as well as your name, email and phone number will be sent to us. Like any other email messages, these data are stored by the Google and Yandex mail systems.

We clear mailboxes when needed, but in general, these emails can be stored for unlimited time.

We don’t share messages and the data in them with any third-parties unless this is required by legal reasons. To learn how Google and Yandex store data, follow these links:

Google Privacy Policy

Yandex Privacy Policy

2. Data on using our website

When you are visiting our website, your IP address, the user-agent data of your browser, screen resolution and geolocation information can be sent to Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrika. These data doesn’t include any personal info: neither your name, nor your email.

We use this data to understand how users view our website: which pages they visit more frequently than others, which links they click, and so on. This information helps us better understand our visitors, improve the pages and fix issues.

Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika servers store these data for unlimited time. We don’t share these data with anybody unless this is required for legal reasons.

3. Cookies

Some components and controls on our webpages can use cookies to store data. These pieces of information don’t include personal data. We use them to make navigation and data view more convenient. These data are stored for a year or so.