October 2, 2023 – The exhibition «Art Unites the World. East • West» opened in Brussels, Belgium, at the museum space of Foundation Frison Horta, at 37 Rue Lebeau, Sablon.

The exposition presents artworks by artists from India, China, Japan, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, and Armenia. It includes masterpieces by famous contemporary artists, like Yuan Shun and Yuriy Cooper, whose works can be found in largest world museums, as well as artworks by young authors, like Tanaya Rao from India or Dima Sukhov from Russia.

Enzo Rosamilia has created two artworks in his original technique just for this exhibition. They are devoted to Nikolay Roerich and Lev Tolstoy – two greatest ideological inspirers of researches of East and West mutual influence.

Посвящение Рериху. Работа выполнена в стиле коллекции "Отражённые соблазны".

“Reflected Temptations. Dedicated to Roerich”, 2023

“Dialogues. Tribute to L. Tolstoy”, 2023

You can learn more about authors, their art and works from the exhibition catalog, which is available below.

Printed materials

Exhibition catalog «Art Unites the World. East • West»

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