Palazzo's facade.

From April 19, 2024, Venice hosts the 4th International Exhibition of the project “Art Unites the World. Human and Space.” The exhibition is located in the Palazzo Pisani Revidin and is a parallel program of the 60th Venice Art Biennale.

In the palazzo’s window.

The event involves 40 artists from 15 countries: Mexico, Peru, Iran, Japan, China, Pakistan, South Korea, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Germany, USA, North Macedonia, Russia. In the seven halls of the Palazzo Pisani, several special exhibitions are presented, revealing the views of artists from different continents on the role of man in the Universe and the search for ways to preserve peace and civilization.

One of the halls visitors can see the video installation “The First”, which is carried out with the participation of the First Channel of Russian Television, with the support of Konstantin Ernst. The installation demonstrates episodes of “The Challenge” movie, which was filmed in the space aboard the ISS.

In the phygital format, the exhibition is complemented by a triptych of the same name by Italian artist Enzo Rosamilia, created in honor of the 90th anniversary of the world’s first cosmonaut. The triptych includes portraits of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first female cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova and the first space actress Yulia Peresild.

В выставочном зале.
The video installation and the triptych in the exhibition hall.
The triptych “The First” by Enzo. Yury Gagarin, Valentina Tereshkova, Yulia Peresild.

The exhibition also presents works by cosmonaut O.V. Novitsky from the “Symphony of Space” series, performed at the time of his exit from the ISS into outer space, created in digital and augmented reality technologies with the participation of the social educational center “World of Culture” in the city of Vitebsk. As part of the exhibition, there will be a presentation of the book “Soviet Cosmonautics in Messina” by Marco Donato.

A special place in the exhibition is occupied by the exhibition “Faces of Europe and the Faces of Chengu” by artists Carsten Sander and Xiao Quan, prepared with the participation of the director of the Urban Nation Museum in Berlin, Janine Arndt, and the director of Intercalce, Jasmine Gong.

One of exhibition posters.

Europe is represented by multinational images, representatives of the Arab world, among which a child and European physiognomic types of people are highlighted in large format, with traces of life experience on their faces in the form of wrinkles and intense gazes directed at the viewer. It seems that the visitor is not looking at the characters, but he himself is under, not always, a positive and intent gaze. The Chinese exhibition hall presents works that reflect the aesthetics of the past in the present.

Brussels-based curator Deserie Meze (Nunconsulting) presents works by artists from different continents, reflecting the spiritual traditions of peoples, with an emphasis on the author’s ethnic self-identification in the context of contemporary art. One of the key images of the project was a painting by Iranian-born artist Arash Radpour “Tehran Bazaar” in the form of solar signs that come to life in a video installation of arabesque facets, similar to a diagram of continuous cycles of vital energy.

A poster based
on Enzo’s artwork.

The special exhibition “Beyond Time and Space” is presented by SNEG Gallery Alexandra Filippov together with Marianna Gnezdilova, President of Artfidzital and Nevia Capello, Director of the Italian-German Center, will present works by international authors on the theme of space in the space of the palazzo and on the blockchain platform in the NFT format.

The project “Surrounded by Music and Stars” was initiated by Oksana Bogo, founder of Oksaprojects. The author of the photographs, Evgeny Evtyukhov, focused attention on the faces of artists: E. Obraztsova, Y. Temirkanva, V. Gergiev, D. Matsuev, I. Abrazakov, Y. Bashmet, A. Garifulino and young participants in the Grand Piano Competition and Stars of Baikal.

The “Art Unites Me” project always presents young authors on the same platform with the stars of the world art scene. This time, a group of young artists presented works reflecting in painting the interpenetration of the cultures of East and West “The Silk Road” by a curator from Kazan, Ekaterina Manko.

The main idea of the project “Art Unites the World”: the main value of the universe is humanity and its ability to preserve and pass on historical experience and cultural heritage to future generations, as a guarantee of the future of planet Earth.

Organizers of the project “Art Unites the World”

  • Oksana Bogo — the founder of Oksa Projects, vice-president of the International Pushkin Foundation in Brussels.
  • Marianna Gnezdilova — the author of the project, President of Artfidzital, head of the culture committee of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, expert on cultural values of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation.

Commercial Director of the project “Art Unites the World”

Alexander Filippov, founder of SNEG Gallery.


Bernardo Aja, Ilona Alizarchik, Gabriel Barreto, Ekaterina Bogdanova, Elena Bolotskikh, Brevoll, Castill, Lijpka Deleva, Yulia Dyachenko, Evgeny Evtyukhov, Shanzad Hassan Ghazi, Irina Iza, Evgeny Jackpot, Irina Kovalevskaya, Rory O’Kelly, Marina Kirchenblat, Jung Ho Lee, Max Lytov, Ekaterina Manko, Ernesto Marenco, Vladimir Martynov, Eduardo Momene, Tatjana Panova, Xian Quan, Arash Radpour, Enzo Rosamilia, Daria Russkikh, Ruggiero Maria Rutigjiano, SAVVA, Casten Sander, Marina Stupnikova, Anna Styunina, Dima Suhov, Alyona Sychyova, Hirofumi Takemoto, Ivan Cangas Thiebaut, Geraldine Terra Van Der Gruyessen, Kashirina Natalya Viktorovna, Victoria Voltegrova, Victor Yaichnikov.

Special thanks to

Konstantin Ernst, Daria Pushkova, Deserie Meze.

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